Engagement cookies (Tutorial)

I am very happy because a beloved friend of mine asked me to make some cookies in order to treat her engagement guests. Here in Greece, cookie treats aren’t so ordinary and I was determined to make her excited.
To make these cookies you will need:
  • Frame cookies (cookie cutter from Karen’s cookies)
  • White outline and flood icing
  • Pink stiff icing for the ribbon roses
  • Pink 20 second icing for writting letters and numbers
  • Green stiff icing for the leaves
  • #1 PME tip
  • # 2 PME tip
  • #3 Witlon tip
  • #101s Wilton tip for making the roses
  • #349 Wilton leaf tip for the little leaves.
  • Icing bags
  • Wilton icing bag ties
  • Ateco couplers
Make the ribbon roses one day ahaed so that they have enough time to dry. For a video tutorial on how to make ribbon roses you can visit the baking sheet blog.
The next day begin by outlining the cookies with a #2 tip then flood with a #3 tip and let dry preferably overnight.
When your cookies are completely dry you can add the ribbon roses, 3 on each edge, diagonally on the cookie using as glue the white outlining icing. Then using the stiff green icing and the #349 leaf tip you can add the leaves and let them dry. After that you can add the letters and numbers using the pink icing and a #1 PME tip. I used the kopykake projector in order to achive a nice result but you can try freehand as well. For a full tutorial on how to use the kopykake projector you can visit this Sweetopia’s post.
For a finishing touch you can either airbrush your cookies with an edible pearl sheen airbrush color or spray them using an edible pearl spray in a can.
If you intent to use them as engagement or wedding or even christening treats you can put them in individual cello bags and add some beautiful ribbons!
Congratulations Vassilis and Mikaela!

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