DIY hanging easter eggs

I love crafts but I manage to complete less than I begin! Last easter I made these beautiful hanging eggs and now I can share the way I did them! I find the pale shades I have chosen super elegant, don’t you think?


To make the hanging easter eggs you will need:
  • Eggs of course, real eggs and I suggest that you have around more than you need as they tend to break sometimes.
  • A thin and sharp tool like a crocket needle or this tool that is designed for this job.


  • A bowl in which you will empty your eggs
  • Water based craft colours
  • Brush
  • Stirofoam block
  • Sticks of any kind (I used wooden sticks)
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Beads of your choice
  • Large sweing needle
Step-by-step procedure:
  1. Drill carefully the base and top of the egg (some eggs brake at this stage). If you use the blas-fix tool pictured above follow the instructions that say to drill only one hole. After the second step you will create a second hole otherwise you won’t be able to run the ribbon through the egg and so you couldn’t hang it.
  2. Empty the egg by pumping air in it using the pump included in the blas-fix or by blowing air through the holes of the egg.
  3. Wash the interior of the egg thoroughly and let dry completely for a couple of days.
  4. Run the stick through the holes of the egg and use it to hold and rotate the egg as you painting it.
  5. Paint the egg surface using the brush and the colours of your choice.
  6. Put the stick with the egg on it on the polystyrene block in which you have already prepared some holes and let it dry.
  7. After half an hour or so you can apply a second coat to acheive the desired intensity of the colour. I applied 2-3 coats of paint on each egg.
  8. Cut the ribbons at the length that you wish and run them through the first bead then the two holes that you created in the egg and finally through the second bead using the large sewing needle.
  9. Ready to hang!
You can hang them on a branch or a decorative tree to create a supercute easter atmosphere in your house!


I will be very happy if you send me photos of your decorated easter eggs!
Have a nice weekend!

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