Cute VW Beetle cookies

The truth is that there is a huge amount of cookie designs for girls but when it comes for boys the choices aren’t that much! As a mother of two boys I don’t feel very comfortable with this fact. So I decided to make some cookies for Yannis’s 2nd birthday that would be cute for a toddler boy as for girls are dresses, dolls etc. The difficult part was that I couldn’t find a cookie cutter for this design I have chosen and I had to hand cut them but I think that it worth the effort. Don’t you agree?

I used 20 second RI for the three different colours of the base of the cookie (blue, white and black) and after drying I used outlining concistency RI to add the details using a 1,5 PME tip and yes I used my Kopykake projector! I think that we will become best friends!I tried to give a vintage touch by painting with edible silver luster dust the front lights, mirrors and bumper.

Happy birthday little Yannis!

You can visit this post of SugarBelles for a full tutorial on how to use Kopykake projector, the easy way!

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