How to decorate butterfly cookies with marbling technique

One of my favorite cookie shapes are butterflies. Butterfly cookies can be decorated in many ways. I love the marbling technique because it realy gives life to butterfly cookies, don’t you think?

In my opinion, a crucial step for cookie decorating is to pre-sketch the design you want to achieve on paper. It makes it easier when you have your piping bag on hand to know excactly what you want to do with it!
In order to decorate these cookies you will need:
  • fuchsia outline and 20 second RI 
  • pale pink 20-second RI 
  • electric pink 20-second RI 
  • piping bags 
  • ateco couplers 
  • #2 tip 
  • #1,5 tip 
  • #3 tip 
  • bag ties 
  • toothpick or boo boo stick
Outline the body with the fuchsia outline RI using the #2 tip,

then the upper part of the wings

the lower part of the wings and make a blob for the head
Fill the body with the fuchsia  20 second RI and #2 tip 
Fill the upper half of the wing with the pale pink 20 second RI

 and without any hesitation make a line with the #1,5 tip. 

Straight after that use the toothpick and drag lines to follow your design. 

Then make three dots with the fuchsia 20 second RI

 add a pale pink dot into the larger fuchsia dot.


Now decorate the other upper wing making it a mirror image of its partner.

Follow the same procedure when decorating the lower halves of the wings by filling each one of them with electric pink 20 second RI

making a line with the #1,5 tip

dragging the lines with the toothpick

making the dots with the pale pink RI

and a fuchsia dot into the larger of the three dots

keeping in mind that you have to work fast so the icing wont set and making each wing a mirror image of its partner.

It’s not that difficult after all!

Have a nice week!


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