DIY christening or baby shower fabric onesie-bag

When I gave birth to my second son I needed a bag in which I could put various sweet treats (meringues, cookies etc.) for my friends and family who where visiting me. A web search leaded me to a blog  tutorial for making these beautiful onesies.

I thought that it would be a nice idea to make something similar as a treat bag cause I know how to sew.
I made the pattern in order to create these onesie-bags and inside them I could put sweet treats!
In order to make these you will need:
  • Linen fabric (or other fabric of your choice having in mind that 1 m of fabric with 1,8 m width is enough to make 45 onesie-bags of 11,5 cm width and 14 cm length)
  • Pattern (You can download the pattern for the onesie  here)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Fusible hem tape
  • Fabric ribbon 2,4 cm width to make the tie. (Cut it into 7,5 cm pieces and follow the pattern)

Cut the paper pattern and fold it at the discontinued lines. Put the folded pattern on the folded fabric and cut with 1 cm margin except from the front piece shoulder seam where you cut it without margin.



Draw the pattern border on the fabric using the pencil. On the back piece draw only the neckline and round shoulder border (in the photo below I have draw the back piece too back its not nessesary)


At the back piece cut the upper border using the pinking shears as it shown in the picture below.


Put the two pieces together and fold the back piece on the front piece as it shown in the picture below.


Sew on the line. Begin from the right shoulder and continue to the left.







Cut carefully the onesie with the pinking shears.


Cut a small piece of fusible hem stripe, put it on the back of the tie and then put the tie on top of the front onesie piece at the exact position you want it to be and iron it.


Cut carefuly the front neckline along with the tie using the pinking shears.


Tada! Ready!


You can copy the pattern and scale it to desired dimensions in order to make larger or smaller onesie bags depending on how many sweet treats you want to put inside it.

If you wish to make a girly onesie bag you can make ribbon ruffles instead of the tie!
Have an nice and creative weekend!

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