Brush embroidery on cookies

When my mom asked me to make some cookies for a baby girl that was about to be born I couldn’t refuse her! I didn’t want to make cookies that I had made in the past neither use the same decorating techniques! So I decided to try  the brush embroidery technique which I love on cookies!

brush embroidery

I had tried just once before while decorating conch shell cookies. It was then when I realised that I have to use thick RI to achieve a nice effect.

conch shell and petal platter

It wasn’t so difficult after all! The only difficulty of it is that I had to work fast so that royal icing doesn’t dry out. Also, for the bibs I had to use a tiny brush (number 000)  because the design was small and I wanted to have a delicate result.

For the specific design on the bibs I have to inform you that I used a stencil for brush embroidery from my beloved designer stencils!

brush embroidery2


brush embroidery3


brush embroidery1


I was very pleased with the result and used it to the next cookie project which was a wedding of an old friend.

morfi's cookies


 You have to try brush embroidery!I am sure you will love it!

P.S. I promise a tutorial on brush embroidery soon enough although there are many of them on youtube and cookie decorating blogs around the web…my apologies for being so late to have a new post but I am working on my baby’s christening and don’t have enough time for my blog’s maintainance!!!

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